375 H&H Ammo


The 375 has plenty of killing power out to 600+ yards , but the trajectory gets very steep after 400 or so … but the effective range is only as far as you can reliably hit the vital areas of the target. For some people that isn’t even 100 yards.


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375 H&H Ammo

From the time British firearm manufacturer Holland & Holland introduced it in 1912, 375 H&H is now one of the more efficient hunting rifles with a medium bore. It is a medium-bore firearm which means it falls in the .30-caliber range the 375 H&H Magnum rounds have been proven to be effective in eliminating the Big Five of African game. This means that the .375-caliber bullet has enough power to cut through the skin of an elephant, and it is fast enough to capture the leopard. Nowadays, 375 H&H ammo is still a favorite for hunting big game.

It is the round 375-magnum round has an oblong bullet shape which is available in a range of weights that range from 270-350 grains. In any case, it’s strong enough to withstand the test of time. The most popular dimension of the bullets is 300 grams. On paper it is 375 grams. H&H 300-grain bullet is able to shoot at a muzzle speed of 2,559 feet-per-second and an impressive 4,363 foot-pound of punch. Get ready for the most upcoming hunt for big game by purchasing ammunition from 375 H&H and other top hunting cartridges available from OpticsPlanet. In addition to having a huge range of ammunition on hand and available for purchase, we also offer free shipping on purchases of $49 or more. Make sure you are ready!


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